Remixing Daft Punk.

Remixing Daft Punk is somewhat of a risk at this point in time; we all know that. Most of the time the results are uninspired, lazy and outright bad.
However, once in a blue moon a Daft Punk remix comes along, which proves that the risk can indeed be worth taking for both the artist and the listener.

Cherokee’s – consisting of young producers Hana Yori Kichou Na and Dariaus – remix of Something About Us gives the track a complete overhaul, however still keeping with the original’s spirit. Looped samples from the original, original synth chords, piano solos and tiny vocal pieces (From what I can make it out to be) combine to create one of the, in my opinion, best remixes of Daft Punk for quite some time.

Check Cherokee out here,